Companies that specialise in rubber injection techniques and in technical products manufactured from elastomer

The group's companies are financially sound enabling you to consider long-term relations and safe investments.

CHEVALIER, founded in 1925, is the leading French company in the field of the development and supply of technical components manufactured from silicone and dual material sub-assembles made from thermoplastic materials + LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber).

CLERET, founded in 1919, is well-known for its development and supply of technical components manufactured of rubber and metal.

ELTEC was created in 2004 and is the Romanian subsidiary of a group that is dedicated to international development.


1919 CLERET Caoutchouc created in the Paris Region
1925 CHEVALIER Caoutchouc created in Argenteuil
1950 CHEVALIER and CLERET convert synthetic rubber
1960 CHEVALIER develops direct rubber injection techniques
1970 CHEVALIER invents «self-lubrication» for silicones and industrialises direct injection of high viscosity silicones (HCR, MVQ, etc.) through controlled runners for extremely high capacity mouldings
1970 CHEVALIER industrialises rubber moulding from castings on metal inserts for small and very small technical components
1990 CHEVALIER industrialises the direct injection of liquid silicones (LSR) through controlled runners
1996 CHEVALIER integrates Hot Vulcanized Elastomer characterisation with their acquisition of an "RPA 2000" rheometer
1999 CHEVALIER and CLERET join forces
2003 CLERET joins CHEVALIER in Argenteuil
2004 ELTEC is created near BUCHAREST for the deployment of processes that require a significant work force
CHEVALIER lodges 2 invention patent designed to improve connector sealing
CHEVALIER – CLERET produces its first newsletter in order to respond to client technical and general expectations
2005 CHEVALIER lodges an invention patent for a fast deployment diaphragm
CHEVALIER and CLERET launch their first technical open day
2006 CHEVALIER develops and deploys automatic video camera appearance inspections (profile, surfaces, etc.)
2011 CHEVALIER lodges an invention for custom (up to demand - specific - endless color range) Liquid Silicon Rubbers colorization
2013 CHEVALIER develops and implements automatic appearance camera controls (faces, '3D')
2014 CHEVALIER and CLERET publish and distribute their 135th newsletter
ANNIVERSARIES: CHEVALIER (Fr) celebrates his 90 years, CHEVALIER (Fr) 95 years and ELTEC (Ro) 10 years of experiences for the technical parts developments from customers in France, in Europe and in the world
2015 CHEVALIER CLERET ELTEC develop the concept of e-showcase to illustrate permanently their technical knowledge
2017CHEVALIER has developed LOW TEMPERATURE VULCANIZATION LIQUIDE SILICONE RUBBER ( understand 110 – 130 °C) industrialization for OVERMOULDING onto various substrates such as PCB, electronic pad, led, antenna, battery etc… and also onto ‘low temperature’ Thermo Plastics such as ABS, POM … instead of ‘usual’ PBT and PA66 + GF
2018CHEVALIER et CLERET publish their 155th newsletter regarding REACH status of their processed polymers.
2018Both CHEVALIER et CLERET are ISO IATF 16949 quality certificated.

The companies have been certificated from a long time, CHEVALIER and CLERET are ISO IATF 16949 for automotive, industrial and medical industries, ELTEC to ISO 9001 for industrial and automotive industries.

Each company has developed improvement plans in order meet their clients' expectations against a background of growing restrictions affecting their industries.

The sales department, the design office and the analysis and inspection laboratory are common to the 3 companies in the group.

Each company has its own specialism :

    • technical components manufactured from Hot Vulcanized Elastomer + TP-LSR dual materials for the automotive, Industrial and medical industries
    • wholly automated production
    • 30 injection presses, 25 to 200 Tonnes
    • automatic appearance inspection machines using video cameras
    • technical components made of dual materials, rubber-metal, for industrial and automotive industries
    • operator-controlled production for fitting metal inserts and unmoulding
    • 4 injection presses, 150 to 250 Tonnes
    • production site in Romania
    • technical components manufactured from Hot Vulcanized Elastomer + rubber-metal dual materials for the industrial and automotive markets
    • operator-controlled production for fitting metal inserts and unmoulding
    • 10 injection presses, 25 to 200 Tonnes