Silicone moulding (LSR) and rubber moulding

We manufacture your small and medium sized technical components using Hot Vulcanized Elastomer (silicone and LSR, NBR, EPDM, FPM-FKM, CR, rubber, etc.) such as :

  • static or virtually static seals
  • shock absorbers and end stops
  • membranes and diaphragms
  • rollers and cylinders
  • self-adhesive thermoplastic + silicone sub-assemblies
  • rubber / metal sub-assemblies

We use direct injection, transfer injection, moulding from castings and co-injection techniques.

Our products are used in technical applications such as sealing, shock absorption, steering and transmission.

We develop, in-house, production methods that will provide your projects with guaranteed performance and quality: moulds, automated production systems, CCTV inspection, etc.