On 27-03-2013

Why investigating and caracterizing friction with Hot Temperature Vulcanisable Elastomers - rubber?
- because friction is a key value for determining efforts / mouvements (these efforts are the consequence of “compression” / “deformation” ... and friction) in mounting currently,also in function
- for avoiding / knowing sticking
- for improving knowledge in this range of specific characteristics

How investigate and caracterize friction ? CHEVALIER has identified 2 existing main tests:

A: SRT pendulum (standardized)

B: friction block (standardized)

In that case, friction  (f)  will be
(f) = ———
          M x g

In addition to the existing standard tests, different types of tests exist according to the applications /and customers .

Please detail your target and ask to get at the full INFORMATION LETTER Nr 87 we already published. You will dicover friction measurement results between LSR SILICONE, NBR... and STAINLESS STEEL, GLASS... , influence of rubber hardness, influence of rubber surface and... lubrification !

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