On 29-01-2013

Viscoelastic properties of a raw material can be determined by a dynamic thermomechanical analysis made with a viscoanalyser RPA 2000. Our laboratory is equipped with this viscoanalyser, which is a leading technology equipment in the elastomers industry.

The DELTA tangent is the ratio between elastic modulus G' and loss modulus G" (please see drawing).

Elastomers viscoelastic properties measurement brings critical information on these materials and on the performance of the finished products in many industrial applications; all these measurements must be stable in order to bring correct information on the specifications of the product, or to help producing within an optimal and effective way.

Viscoelastic properties of an elastomer can be measured both in its non cured state (before vulcanisation) as in its cured state (after vulcanisation). In the first case, it will be possible for us to determine with precision the ideal conditions for setting up and moulding these materials while in the second case, we’ll be able to ensure that supplied parts are in adequacy with the required specifications.

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