On 2020-03-18

At this time, CHEVALIER + CLERET Fr + ELTEC Ro  operations are usual for us and in a few words :
- the few people who can work at home, practice at home;
- the prevention has been reinforced according to the instructions of the governments;
- the collaborators of the quality and production departments are almost all present and the absences are marginal; our production functions normally;
- our employees in FR have their legal personal certificate to attest to their movements, doubled by a CHEVALIER certificate which confirms their presence necessary for our operations;
- we manufacture relatively small products and we have stocks of raw materials;
BUT ... some of our direct and indirect customers are postponing or even cancelling their orders because they are closing down their workshops; Nevertheless, some of our customers' receiving departments are closing down, which prevents us from sending the goods; This could change our future organizations.

Our target is to operate as long as possible, clearly, until we are prevented from doing so by
- new government directives
- labour concerns for various reasons
- delivery stoppages - customer closures / holds ...that begin to affect our business.
We, like you, I'm sure, are working 'a little bit day by day' even if our security plan is partially activated.

We aim to keep you informed of any important event that may impact our service;


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