On 2022-05-08

Specialists in RUBBER and SILICONE MOULDING and OVER MOULDING, we will continue to keep you informed as closely as possible.

Regarding the deteriorated situation in Ukraine : We encourage you to reread our previous communications.

For the Group:

These events combined with the closure of a 3M RUBBER manufacturing unit of the FLUORO CARBON rubber type at the end of 2021, and the continued high level of oil prices, make the supply of FKM - FPM - 'VITON' as well as NBR clearly more complicated; The situation of the other RUBBER products follows the movement as a consequence; The supply of SILICONES still remains very tense for confirmation.

We always advise - VERY CLEARLY - to the customers to maximize their stocks and to anticipate their orders of moulded products for all the pcs based on NBR and FKM - FPM - 'VITON' and SILICONE - LSR but also globally of RUBBER to have an important 'mattress' allowing to adapt to the delicate situations which can intervene with a more or less significant notice!

As regards the latest events relating to the information we have all read about the interruption of Russian gas deliveries to BULGARIA and POLAND:
We have not identified - to date - any significant direct or indirect consequences for our activities.

We'll inform you as promptly as possible in case of any evolution.


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