On 2022-03-01

Specialists in RUBBER and SILICON MOULDING and OVER MOULDING, we will continue to keep you informed as closely as possible.

Regarding the deteriorated situation in Ukraine :

The group,
To date, for the group's entities, we have no concerns and have not identified any potential risk with regard to :
- our direct and indirect suppliers and subcontractors
- sanctions and embargos
- availability of raw materials, sub-components, energy, services, access to technology / patents ; import - export ...
- possible cyber-attacks or connectivity issues
- cross-border transport
Our exchanges with UKRAINE were null before the events.

In France,
Our industrial operations as a whole are normal.

In Romania,
Our industrial operations as a whole are normal.
Note that Romania is a full member of the European Union since 01 2007 and NATO since 03 2004.
Our Romanian location for 20 years is north of Bucharest.

We'll inform you as promptly as possible in case of any evolution.


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