On 2020-07-15

Specialists in RUBBER and SILICON MOLDING and LSR, as well as their OVERMOULDING, we have regularly sent you since last February 12, 15 detailed press release intended to inform you about the situation of our operations as closely as possible.

We know that many of you have been keeping you informed of our situation from that way : That was our target.

We are “proud” to have been able to maintain the safety of our personnel and our operations during these very special times of high tension, and to have been able to provide the best possible order service for deliveries that were not suspended and also for those that were essential.

We would like to thank all the customers who were careful to send us the information about their organizations upstream in order to avoid our deliveries coming back, as well as all those who scrupulously ensured, whatever the circumstances, the deadlines of their payments in order to allow us to honour our commitments with our staff and our suppliers. They have been great! We would also like to thank them for their patience in certain situations when our intervention capacities were impacted.
We do not forget either our main suppliers (raw materials and production equipment) who were for the most part admirable as well as our transport partners (apart from a few isolated and regrettable cases) who were more than up to the challenge.

The situation is now normalizing, probably slowly.
This press release will therefore be the last in this series of special information, the link to which was indicated in the signatures of our e-mails, which will soon be resuming their past presentation.

Our passion remains intact: Helping you in your developments of moulded and overmoulded parts in RUBBER and SILICONE and LSR. And to be at your side to
provide you with all our support for the serial life of your equipment.
After the centenary of CLERET last year, see you in a few years for the centenary of CHEVALIER!

If you haven't already done so, ask your usual contacts for knowing all the details of the organisations for August 2020, company by company, with what we can do and what we can't do; detailed support is available;


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