On 2022-03-31

Specialists in RUBBER and SILICONE MOULDING and OVER MOULDING, we will continue to keep you informed as closely as possible.

Regarding the deteriorated situation in Ukraine : We encourage you to reread our previous communications.

For the group :
The prices for the supply of our substances are reviewed every month, and more and more with each delivery (not even with each order) ; We always try as much as possible to fight with determination and strength against the trends that are imposed on us, but in the end we often have to accept these price increases if we want to receive our substances ; We also focus on obtaining the raw materials constant in quality, and in the quantities necessary to continue to meet as much as possible the needs of our customers, which to date proves to be demanding and complicated, but we have some nice successes.

The situation is becoming particularly 'turbulent' for FKM - FPM - 'VITON'.
The supply of SILICONES is still very tight.

We always advise our customers to maximize their stocks and to anticipate their orders for molded products for all pcs based on NBR and FKM - FPM - 'VITON' and SILICONE - LSR but also globally for RUBBER in order to have a high buffer allowing to adapt to the delicate situations which can occur.

We'll inform you as promptly as possible in case of any evolution.


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