On 2020-03-20

Since our first press release from 12 02 2020 we have detailed the situation for our operations in France and Romania as closely as possible.

Unfortunately, and as could have been foreseen a short time ago :
- The majority of our customers in Europe have stopped or will stop their activities soon;
- The German and some export sectors remain nevertheless and for the time being more active ;
- In France, despite the strict respect (and even beyond) of the sanitary rules prescribed by the authorities, despite the absence of cases among our staff and their immediate relatives to date to our knowledge, due to contradictory and repeated government instructions, but also under the pressure of anxiety-provoking information circulating in the medias, it turns out that it is impossible for us to continue our operations normally ;
CHEVALIER's productions have to stop this evening; Most of the staff, except for a few technicians who are indispensable to the shutdown of our installations for a few days, will be out of work from 10:00 pm this evening;
CLERET's productions will try to continue for another week or so;
- In Romania, preventive measures similar to those in France have been deployed; The development of the pandemic continues but seems less advanced than in France; Operations are going more or less normally for the moment;

As a consequence and by the present letter, the SERIFOS group wishes to formally notify its customers of the events constituting a “Force Majeure”: This concerns, among other things, all acknowledgements of receipt of orders in portfolio and undelivered, all various operational information, the terms of which obviously become null and not any more valid.

For the French companies of the SERIFOS group (CHEVALIER and CLERET) a continuity of contacts is organized: You can always reach us at the usual contact details. Our team will be reduced but we will try to answer you as soon as possible.
For ELTEC Romania, the operations continue.


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