On 2020-03-27

We'll give you an update on the situation:
- In France for CHEVALIER, some operations are carried out; deliveries continue to be made with a reduced workforce on site; most of the workforce is on short-time work;
- In France for CLERET, some productions will try to continue for another week or so; deliveries continue to be carried out with a reduced workforce on site; some employees are on short-time work;
- In Romania for ELTEC, operations are going more or less normally for the moment, but our teams expect the epidemic to spread;

The SERIFOS group maintains its formal notification of exceptional, external and Force Majeure events to its customers (this concerns, among other things, all acknowledgements of receipt of orders in portfolio and not delivered, all various operational information, the terms of which are obviously becoming obsolete).

For the French companies of the SERIFOS group ( CHEVALIER and CLERET ) the continuity of contacts is in place. It is always possible to reach us at the usual contact details. Our small team aims to answer you as soon as possible.


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