On 2020-04-03

We are sending you a new update on the situation, wishing to communicate in detail and as close as possible to the 'special' events that are experienced:
- Our establishments remain open; situations evolve rapidly and for more details, write to or ; Or contact your usual correspondent by phone or e-mail; Our teams aim to answer you as soon as possible;
- In France for CHEVALIER, our intervention capacities are impacted; operations implementing automatic processes are carried out with the appropriate quality controls; deliveries continue to be made with a reduced number of staff on site; most of the staff is on short-time work;
- In France for CLERET, some productions will try to continue for another week or so with the usual quality controls; deliveries continue to be carried out with a reduced number of staff on site; some employees are on short-time work;
- In Romania for ELTEC, operations are going more or less normally for the moment with the usual quality controls, but our teams expect the epidemic to continue to spread;
- Our employees as well as we are aware of it and we ourselves are doing well (we hope that this is also the case for you).


The SERIFOS group maintains its formal notification of exceptional, external events constituting Force Majeure to its customers (this concerns, among other things, all acknowledgements of receipt of orders in portfolio and not delivered, all various operational information, the terms of which obviously become null and void).

IMPORTANT : In this difficult time CHEVALIER + CLERET + ELTEC companies are in the same situation as their customers and their suppliers. For all of us “cash” is of high importance.
CHEVALIER + CLERET + ELTEC companies takes all efforts to continue to fulfill financial and legal contractual obligations and expect that their valued customers do as well….i.e. everyone pays agreed / due amounts, and on due & agreed date.
As a consequence, to be able to support you also ‘tomorrow’, we are sorry to inform you that CHEVALIER + CLERET + ELTEC companies does not agree to postponements for payments due and/or does not agree to temporarily extended payment terms.
We count on your understanding and want to maintain our successful business relationship.


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